Transporting with SYCAD

SYCAD packages can be used for solid or liquids, sealed or unsealed sources, clinical or pre-clinical radiopharmaceuticals or radioactive waste. Offering a range of containers ensures a balance between radiation shielding can be struck with manual handling.

For transporting loaded, single dose syringes. The outer package is capable of being loaded with up to 14 individual pigs. The pigs feature lead shielding fully encased in stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish ensuring they will remain intact, scratch free and hygienic throughout their use. Pigs are available for syringe capacity’s up to 10ml and with varying lead thickness up to 12mm.

For transporting multidose vials. With up to 28mm of lead shielding the VTR001 container, which is loaded in the SYCAD-B, is well suited for PET isotopes. Models with a thinner lead shielding are available for SPECT isotopes. Two VTR001 units can be loaded into the SYCAD-B. If only one VTR001 (one vial) is required to be transported SYCAD-E should be used.

The LCA001 container has a large single void useful for transporting large items (such as highly contaminated gloves or bench wipes) or multiple items such as test tubes. Up to three LCA001 units can be loaded into the SYCAD-C. LCA001 models are available with lead shielding thickness up to 20mm thickness making them suitable for PET and SPECT isotopes.

SYCAD-D features a large container, LCA201, within. The extra large shielded volume within the LCA201 container is well suited for multiple loaded syringes. LCA201 can be manufactured with lead thicknesses up to 20mm allowing it to effectively shield PET radionuclides.

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