New Product: Compact Dose Dispensing Station

The PDA042 incorporates:

• Shielded cabinet
• Capintec Dose calibrator
• Daniels 7ltr Sharps bin
• Non-porous, seamless worktop with ports for dose calibrator and sharps bin
• L Stand
• Bassaire Laminar flow air hood
• Shielded sidings for Hood

To maintain shielding integrity when the cabinet doors are opened, the dose calibrator and sharps bin have shielded surrounds to ensure no radiation spikes during use.
The Worktop is constructed from Krion giving a sturdy worktop that is non-porous and easy to clean. Should it become damaged during use, the worktop can be refinished.
The Station is finished in an anti-microbial powder coating to maintain sterility while working.

Lead thickness can be tailored to the specific isotopes being used and can range from 0-12mm (extra shielding can be accommodated in certain situations).
Most assembly is performed offsite allowing for an extremely fast installation time reducing disruption to service continuity.

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